Frequently Asked

The Cultured Health app is a global digital healthcare app that connects dietitians to clients with matches based on culture. Cultured Health does not provide nutrition services, but rather facilitates the connection between dietitians and potential clients. Dietitians are not employed by cultured health. More information can be found on Also, you can find us on Instagram – @iamculturedhealth. 

Nutrition services are provided through the medium agreed upon by dietitians and clients. Cultured Health does not provide a platform to provide services. 

Most insurance plans cover or provide reimbursement for services provided by registered dietitians. It is advisable to check with your insurance provider for details about your specific plan. Once you match with a registered dietitian in the Cultured Health app, you can view their profile or connect with them through the app to see where they are licensed and the types of insurance they accept. 

An RD is a registered dietitian. They are food and nutrition experts who use nutrition education and medical nutrition therapy to help empower individuals to manage weight, address chronic disease (preventive and remedial), boost athletic performance, raise healthy children, and more. RDs work in hospitals and clinics, fitness centers, private practices, food management, and many other spaces related to food and/or health. 

Qualifications to be a dietitian are more stringent than for nutritionists and health coaches. Dietitians are trained in nutritional science and meet rigorous standards established by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, including: 

  • a Master’s degree that includes an accredited nutrition and dietetic curriculum 
  • extensive supervised training programs 
  • a national registration exam, and 
  • required continuing education 

RDs are recognized as the only experts able to provide nutrition information and medical nutrition therapy (MNT). 

Dietitians (RDs) can provide medical nutrition therapy (MNT), nutrition education, and health coaching. 

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) 
RDs are the only professionals able to provide MNT, which treats medical conditions through nutrition assessments and intervention techniques, including education. MNT may require a doctor’s referral. Nutrition assessment allows the RD to review medical records, dietary history, and physical examinations to develop a plan which can be modified over time as progress is monitored. The impact of MNT has been well documented in many studies. 

Nutrition Education 
Nutrition education does not require a doctor’s referral and may not be as intensive as MNT but can still be beneficial. RDs can educate clients on how to plan meals, read labels, understand nutritional content, manage portion sizes, and more. 

Health and/or Wellness Coaching 
Health and/or wellness coaching does not require a doctor’s referral. It is a general term that includes guidance and encouragement for maintaining and/or improving general health – physical, mental, and emotional. RDs can provide health coaching, with specific expertise in nutrition. 

While RDs do much more than just weight management, it is one area they are commonly associated with and indeed an area of expertise. Working with an RD to manage weight (gain, maintain, or lose) means you’re working with someone who can: 

  • Cut through the noise of fad diets 
  • Provide guidance on healthy options that are sustainable throughout a lifetime 
  • Develop a health plan that is tailored to your food preferences  
  • Help you achieve your goals, whether it’s combating a medical condition or aiming for optimal health or fitness performance.  

Definitely. Whether elite athletic performance requires strength, muscle mass, endurance, recovery or other physical attributes, sports dietitians can help (unless you’re looking for height – sorry, basketball players).  Dietitians who are certified in Sports Dietetics (CSSD) understand the synergies between nutrition and exercise physiology and how to leverage that relationship to help you perform at the top level. 

RDs can help with almost every health condition and health goal – from improved skin to energy levels to mental acuity and stabilizing blood sugar levels. Some RDs also obtain board-certified specializations in nutrition as it relates to pediatrics, gerontology, oncology, renal nutrition and more. 

So, when it comes to maximizing nutrition to address specific health and performance goals, consider a registered dietitian. Get the RD that gets you – on the Cultured Health app. 

The Cultured Health app is free to download and use for all clients. Fees are determined by the dietitians you agree to work with. Dietitians offer their own plans and set their own fees and payment terms. 

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